7 Common Mistakes When First Date

first date

The first date you never go to a second date? Do not immediately blame your date, because it could, in fact you are the source of the problem.Try to read the list below. Is there anything you have ever done?

1. Bad intentions

Starting something with bad intentions (including play) will not work either. If you are not yet ready to commit, better look for other activities, and do not harm or sacrifice other people’s feelings.

2. Talking about ex-girlfriend

Unconsciously, the past is that the impression is still printed in memory. If stored for yourself, of course, no problem. But if the name of the former to be the main topic of your first date, it’s certainly not good. It could be that you even considered not appreciate a date and make it no longer attracted to you.

3. Discuss the future

The future of the relationship is not a good topic to talk about the first date. The first date is the introductory phase. If anything you have not already discussed the wedding plans, it could be instead will make your date back slowly.

4. Interrogate

Know more does not mean interrogate. These details will obsess about dating partner is not a wise thing. Let time that makes you and him getting to know. You’re not a detective, so no need to ask many questions about his personal life on a first date.

5. Pretend

Feeling confident with yourself and then decide to wear a mask? Hmm, you are only going to be busy covering one lie with another lie. Should begin a relationship based on honesty. Not to be yourself on a first date will make you trouble later on.

6. Self Sale

Too long alone make you judge yourself too “cheap”. You are willing to be anything that you want your date even though it was contrary to the values ​​that you profess for status. This would make yourself look low in the eyes of your date.

7. Ignoring the danger signs

After a date, no more phone calls or short messages from the him, that makes you curious. Therefore you just terrorize your date by calling or leave a brief message on his cell phone. whereas, it could be his behavior because he was not interested in you. Rather than terrorize even considered disturbing, it’s better to be more sensitive. If indeed there is no positive feedback from it, better find someone else who can accept you as is.