EricaWelcome to talullahtu.co.uk, my name is Erica! Talullahtu is a positive online community where Talullahtu’s can interact, educate and inspire each other on fitness and nutrition. Please feel free to browse the blog, FB page and ask questions!

Talullahtu’s mission is to:
– Engage in healthy/fat loss nutrition with an occasional treat!
– Teach efficient exercise, that blasts fat, and manages your hunger, energy and cravings.
– Living life balanced and happy.
– Empower & inspire women to feel sexy and confident in the bodies they have!

Here’s a little more info on me:
– BFA, University of Massachusetts Lowell.
– Love anything nutrition & fitness!
– Metabolic Effect© Nutrition Consultant Level 1
– AFFA Certified, Group Exercise & Personal Training
– Spinning© Certified.
– My favorite type of class to teach is a weight based class intermixing cardio.
– My favorite exercises are burpees and the squat rack.
– I’m a morning person and I LOVE ice coffee!
– My favorite fat loss foods are a giant salad with chicken, my favorite cheat foods are ice cream and french fries!
– My favorite part of the day is spending time with my husband and dogs! We have a Corgi named Wyatt and a Basset hound named George.
– Love the beach and a good book!

xo, Erica