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Belly Bloat – Do You Have Stubborn Weight That Won’t Budge?

Are you trying to get rid of belly bloat?  You know that puffy feeling in your midsection that feels like it should explode? Bloating in your midsection can account for 5 pounds of weight, sometimes more.  After all that hard work you have been doing, you were looking forward to a flatter, sexier midsection right?

Then attack bloat naturally, you don’t need supplements for this. You probably think you need to eat less but this may not be the case, but if you try a few additions or subtractions to your diet, you can have that sexier, flatter belly in less than a week.

Here are 3 tips to get your started. They are easy, and inexpensive, and you can start right away.

1. Drink at least 8 glasses of plain water a day (skip the sweeteners) as well as eat water based fruits and vegetables.

I know you have probably heard this before, but it does work! This all helps keep things moving in your digestive system. Spread your water over the day, do not drink glass after glass in one sitting. Aim for 4 cups of water during the morning and 4 cups during the afternoon. Or fill a pitcher with 64 ounces of water, and keep in the fridge and consume over the day. That way you know you don’t have to keep track.

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2. Stop chewing gum.

Air from chewing gum ends up in your gut, and you will feel like you have gas, which will cause a distended belly. If you must chew gum, try to chew with your mouth completely shut. You probably think you do, but most people don’t! This will stop drawing in air. This same rule applies to eating meals. Try not to talk while chewing, as this draws in a lot of air into the belly.

3. Watch your low cal sweeteners, these sweeteners do not always fully digest, causing gas and bloat.

Try to wean yourself off any unnatural sweeteners, and get used to a unsweetened taste gradually. You won’t miss it. Try these above tips, and you should notice a difference in your belly. The day you zip up your jeans without that bloated feeling will also be the day you notice the scale drop. This could be the cause of those stubborn last 5 pounds you wanted to get rid of.want to get rid of more weight? Eat these foods and you can lose weight and bloat today.

Where Do The Extra Pounds Go When We Lose Weight?

Introduction Due to the increasing number of people who are now in the category of being obese or overweight, dieting is one of the suggestions for losing weight. Generally, it is easier to determine where the fat goes during the period that a person gains weight than where it disappears to when a person loses weight.

According to the laws of mass; mass has no ability to disappear, but it can change its location and form. Here, we will look at where those extra pounds go when a person loses weight.Conversion of Energy to Fat Cells Weight loss hinges on the number of calories that the body burns. Calories actually measure the energy in the food that you have consumed, in the form of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins.

The energy in your body can be analogous with the gas in cars. It allows a person to keep their body running in a good condition, just like an engine in a car.When a person has a sedentary lifestyle, the energy is unused and it will lead to an accumulation of fats. Generally speaking, the more work your body does, the more energy it will consume.

Going back to the calories, they are known to aid in the body’s digestion of the food consumed.When this food is broken down, it leads to the conversion or storage of fat in the person’s fat cells. The fat cells, anatomically speaking, live in the adipose tissue which acts as a gas station which stores fuel reserves and only releases it when the body needs it. In addition, adipose has fatty acids stored as triglyceride, which is considered as bad cholesterol.

 Basically, when losing weight, a person needs to burn the calories or energy to prevent the storage of fat.Where do the extra pounds go when we lose weight?Normally, fat is anatomically stored in the body to be utilized as energy. According to science, our body has an ability to convert fats into energy to be utilized by our tissues and muscular system.  It does so through complex processes which deal with the metabolic system and results in the shrinking of the fat cells.

Pathophysiologically, what happens is that the fatty acids are released into the person’s bloodstream which is then transported via special blood protein and taken by the cells which need the energy. If, for instance, the body has enough oxygen available, enzymes will then convert the fatty acid into carbon dioxide, which is considered to be a toxin which needs to be expelled from the body.

In addition to that, the metabolic activities have the ability to generate heat, which maintains the temperature of the body, and toxic waste such as carbon dioxide and water which is excreted via sweat, urine or via exhalation from the lungs – explains

Hence, this is a tummy trimming trick that the body has.It needs to be noted that you can’t change your body shape but you can only change your body size.  When a person loses weight, the weight they will lose will be from all over their body proportionately.

Top Secret Fat Loss Review

Loosing weight

The Top Secret Fat Loss Ebook is written by Dr Suzanne Gudakunst, a doctor and researcher of colon diseases and obesity. Her program is based on extensive research done over a period of 6 years and she has appeared on television numerous times advocating it. The diet program is very popular.

Top Secret Fat Loss is a detox based weight loss program, which is based on the connection between excess weight and colon/intestinal pollution. Intestinal pollution can take one of 2 general forms:

Intestinal plaque – generally undigested waste which is gradually clogging your internal organs.

Colon and bowel worms/parasites which live inside your body and feed off it.

This program’s main objective is to get rid of these pollutants as the first step of allowing the body to lose weight and improve it’s functionality.

Some of the topics Top Secret Fat Loss covers are:

  • Metabolic type: This section helps you work out what types of food your body likes to burn. You adjust your eating habits to be in synch with this and lose more fat. This is helpful for long-term weight loss.
  • Colon and Liver Toxin Overload: The body develops fat across vital organs in a bid to stop toxins building up. Due to all the toxins we find in today’s food (especially cooked), you body’s natural cleansing system finds it hard to keep up, especially when most of our energy goes into breaking down hard to digest cooked foods. Fat in your thighs and stomach are sure signs of ‘toxic build up’ in your body.  In Top Secret Fat Loss, you will learn how to flush out these toxins.
  • Colon Parasites: These little critters cause all metabolic issues. The author suggests natural remedies and supplements that can be used to give you a liver and colon cleanse. It is estimated that over 85% of the population has parasites living in them. These parasites are main obstacle for fat loss.

Top Secret Fat Loss is a controversial diet program. This is because it isn’t your typical diet program – it has nothing about exercise, motivation, eating the right foods. It is just about ridding your body of toxic build up.

Top Secret Fat LossDespite ridding yourself of these toxins – which of course is a good thing – if you ate the right foods and exercised appropriately your body would be much more capable of cleansing itself and keeping up.

Those toxins have gotten there through our poor diet decisions, so if we can become educated on what foods are easily digestible and free up energy to our body for more important things like cleansing, we are less likely to bring trouble to ourselves later down the road.

Yes, you could do the diet again and every now and then to keep up – but it would be far better for your health to pick the right foods for your body in the first place and continue to nourish it daily so it can do it’s job(s) more effectively and efficiently. This is definitely where this diet fails and we wouldn’t consider it a wise or great investment on its own.

The positive to this diet is that is will lead to a substantial amount of weight loss and fairly quickly.


Top Secret Fat Loss will give you a wealth of information about toxins and how to rid your body of them – essentially how to clean out your system. Despite being able to lose quickly a substantial amount of weight on this diet, we don’t recommend this to anyone looking for a long-term sustainable diet, because this isn’t it.

Healthy weight loss and healthy living needs to incorporate exercise, good nutrition, sunlight and plenty of fresh air. If you want quick instant results this diet is right for you – but if you want to top these results up with long term success then you will need more than just this diet book. Therefore we do not rate this ebook as a healthy weight loss diet.

How To Lose 10 Pounds?

lose 10 pounds

If you want to know how to lose 10 pounds easily then this is the article for you.  Losing weight is something many of us face at one time in our lives.

Many people want to lose the bulge after the Christmas holidays, as this is a time when we pig out and do not care about the consequences. For others it is an all year battle and can come about for many reasons. Whatever the reasons for wanting to lose weight, there is no denying that weight loss can seem like a tough challenge.

Luckily weight loss doesn’t have to be difficult and only becomes difficult when we do not take the time to plan and prepare for what lies ahead. Some of us just choose to jump right in and think that by making healthier choices we can lose weight. It isn’t as simple as that.

You can eat healthier foods but still maintain your weight because you haven’t reduced your calories. This is why it becomes important to plan and to have a proper look at your diet. You have gotten yourself into such habits that you may not even be able to clearly recollect what you have eaten without writing things down for the day!

Anyway, this article will give you 6 tips to helping you get on track to losing weight effortlessly (more tips you can find in this web page: Phen375 avis – Small changes and taking things day by day can have a huge impact on your waistline in a good way.

1. Be Clear About Your Calorie Intake

Most people do not know how many calories they are eating or how much they are overeating by.  They think by simply changing what they eat to healthier choices they can start losing weight. It isn’t as simple as that. Although it is best not to obsess over calories, it is important to really see the scope of your problem. Spend a good few days writing down everything you eat and drink.

Once you have done this you can use an online site such as (which is entirely free, all you have to do is sign up) to work out out how many calories you are consuming. It will also make your aware of how much you are overeating too. This is a really good exercise as it gives you clarity.  Most people severely underestimate how much they are really consuming and also leave out calorie-dense drinks.  This way you can’t hide from the truth.

2. Make Small Changes

Another great thing about seeing exactly what you are eating and drinking is that it allows you to see where you can make easy calorie cuts. Small changes can have a huge impact on your weight loss success so don’t discount them.

They are also more likely to remain permanent changes and thus ensuring you do not fall about into bad habits. Small changes can include simple things like cutting out calorie-dense drinks and sticking to water only. You could also treat yourself to home squeeze orange juice instead of store bought rubbish that is just sugar and no nutrition.

3. Eat More Raw Foods

Raw food should really make up the bulk of everyone’s diet. Unfortunately we are stuck in the mantra of needing 5 a day to be healthy but 5 pieces of fruit and vegetables is a far cry from what we really need to be consuming. Fruits and vegetables can provide the body with all the nutrients it needs – you may find that hard to believe but it is true.

To incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet the best way to do it is gradually and to not interfere too much with what you are already eating. Try eating fruit for breakfast. To make sure you are getting enough you could make a fruit smoothie. A simple smoothie would be 5 bananas plus a little water blended.

To add a little extra you could also add some berries into the mix. A fruit smoothie is a great way to start the day. On top of this you could also try to eat 1-5 pieces of fruit before every meal. Each as much as you desire.

Fruit is so good for you and gives you quick easy energy.  Eating fruit before your meals is like eating your dessert first. Fruit before a meal will not only give you quick energy but it will also help leave you with a feel of satiation after your main meal.

Most people find that they overeat because they are looking for that extra something (usually sweet). This can also result in snacking in the evening.  Instead opt for fruit beforehand and you will be pleasantly surprised if you eat enough.

As for vegetables, a huge salad daily is a great way to get your vegetables in. When I first started incorporating more vegetables into my diet I used to make vegetable curries and vegetable dishes.  I would also make a huge salad and mix it in witrh my main meal.  This worked great especially when I was eating homemade soup.

4. Go Low Fat

Too much fat in the diet can cause an array of problems including heart disease and Candida infections (usually sugar gets blamed unfairly here). We only really need up to 10% of our calories to be fat, but in the Western world the amount of calories we get from fat can be over 30%. This isn’t good for us and is evident by the increasing amount of disease we have.

The WHO recommends 10% fat from calories and many Doctors and health experts around the world agree.  Great ways to cut fat can include cutting down on dairy and meat consumption. Try cutting out dairy completely (which isn’t necessary for the diet) and opting to eat meat only on weekends.  This way you can help cut a lot of the fat out of your diet. Eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables will also help reduce the fat percentage in your diet.

5. Drink More Water

Water is so important for health and vitality. When one is dehydrated they become tired and lethargic. You only have to be a tiny bit dehydrated to feel these effects. Unfortunately, most people especially if they are overweight, are dehydrated.

So drink more water and make sure you are peeing clearly at least 7-10 times a day. Cutting out caffeine will also help keep you hydrated and fresh for the day. Eating more raw foods is also a great way to contribute to your water intake.

6. Enjoy exercise

Besides your diet, movement and exercise are also important factors to living a happy healthy life and losing the weight. Most people dread the exercise part because they think they have to join a gym or do things that they really wouldn’t enjoy. If you don’t enjoy it don’t do it and find something you do enjoy.

Movement is really important for overall well being as well as weight loss so finding something you enjoy is crucial especially as if you don’t enjoy it you won’t keep it in your life long term. Exercise can be running around the garden with your children, using a trampoline, going for walks, trying different dance classes out each week etc etc.

The possibilities are endless. As long as it is fun, then there is no stopping you!

There are many other things you can do to ensure a healthier lifestyle and a lighter life but these are great starting points and are easier to do then full blown changing the way you eat and live overnight.

How To Lose Weight After Childbirth

lose baby weight

Women after childbirth usually have a major program to lose weight and have a body like the first. There are 4 healthy ways that can be done without pills, because slimming pills like Phen375 affect breast milk.

Researchers have found pregnancy to be one major cause weight gain women. This has been scientifically studied over the past two decades. But that does not mean a woman will not be fat if she is not pregnant, because many other factors that could affect it.

Results of a study published in the International Journal of Obesity in 2000 found that 6 percent of women have excess weight after giving birth to her first child. This study was followed by 1300 healthy women who gave birth between the years 1980-1990.

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“Many studies have shown that women who maintain their weight after pregnancy will make women become obese and have health risks like diabetes or heart,” said Prof. Raul Artal, MD, chairman of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Women’s Health at Saint Louis University Medical School , as quoted from Sheknows.

Dr. Artal says there is no magic formula to lose weight after having a baby. Weight gain during pregnancy occurs in stages, so its reduction must be gradual so that it can maintain the ideal weight for a long time.

There are 4 tips provided by Dr. Artal in terms of losing weight after childbirth, namely:

  1. Nurse

Many rumors circulated about the effect of breastfeeding on women’s bodies, such as breast become loose or cause stretch marks. But these rumors are not true, because breastfeeding is easy and healthy way to lose weight.

Dr. Artal said that breastfeeding is not only beneficial for newborns, but also for his mother. On average, women who are breastfeeding can burn over 600 calories per day.

  1. Move

Doing physical activity is not limited to exercise, such as the fitness center, tennis or basketball. But walking, biking or taking care of their babies everyday can help burn calories.

If women give exclusive breastfeeding and taking care of her own baby, then two things will greatly help him lose weight.

  1. Having a meal for one person thought

After her baby was born, then remove the express need to eat for two people because of this condition will only add weight.

Dr. Artal recommended for women who just gave birth to celebrate nutrient-dense foods such as vegetables, lean meats and complex carbohydrates that will make him feel full longer.

  1. Ask for professional help

If weight loss was also down despite already doing lengkah-step, Dr. Artal advised to consult with your obstetrician or a nutritionist.

This is important because breast-feeding mothers should still get good nutrition for babies who are breastfed are met nutrient.

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