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How To Look Like A Desperate Housewife

If you’ve heard of the hit television show, Desperate Housewives, then you know being over 40 as one of tv`s hottest stars has its advantages! We’ve known all along that women over 40 are gorgeous and the leading ladies of Desperate Housewives are proof! Whether you’re a fan or just want to look like a Desperate Housewife, here’s how.
When it comes to the Desperate Housewives’ hair, actress Teri Hatcher actually prefers to wear her hair straight, rather than the curly style she has been seen in a time or two.

If you have naturally wavy hair like Teri’s and want to smooth it out try this:·

  • Apply a straightening balm to slightly damp hair from root to tip.
  • Beginning at the back of the head, blow dry hair in small sections using a large round brush. If you want more volume, bring the brush as close as you can to the scalp, hold for a few seconds and then slide a brush down through the hair’s ends.
  • Using a flat iron, smooth out any sections where hair needs extra attention.
  • Finish this look with a shine spray.
  • Another great Desperate Housewife star is, Eva Longoria. Just like Teri Hatcher, she looks gorgeous in her own sleek hairstyle, but we loved Eva’s much more glamorous updo and think you will too.
  • Begin by applying a small amount of finishing cream through dry hair.
  • Next, part hair in an off-center style using a large boar bristle brush.
  •  Gather hair into a low loose ponytail onto the right side of your head and then create a twist by grabbing the ponytail at the base and twisting it around your ponytail holder. Hold the twist in place with bobby pins.
  • Finish this look by spritzing hair with a firm holding spray.

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Marcia Cross is nothing like her character from Desperate Housewives. She prefers a simple look compared to her character’s. For an easy yet elegant flip:·

  • Flip hair upside down and blow dry while brushing hair forward to create lots of volumes.
  • Next, flip hair back and run a flat iron through the ends of the hair to add sleekness and shine.
  • Create more volume by rolling hair in medium to large hot rollers, depending on your hair’s texture.
  • Allow the curls to cool and then carefully remove rollers. Run your fingers through your hair to separate curls.
  • Using a large round, steel brush and blow dryer flip ends out and up.
  • To finish this look, spritz hair lightly with hairspray.

If Nicollette Sheridan is your favorite housewife, you probably love her pale blonde locks. If so, you’ll also know she’s no stranger to a sleek smooth style.

  • First, apply a de-frizz product from root to ends of hair.
  • Using a large round brush and blow dryer, separate hair into 2 sections and then blow-dry each section beginning at the back of the head.
  •   Run a flat iron through areas where you want to create extra smooth texture.
  • Finish by applying a shine product across hair’s surface.

How To Look Like A Cover Girl And Still Be You

“Glamour is always something someone else has.” Fifty years ago this was the sentiment of women in the limelight of high fashion. Today’s glamour girls are far from white-gloved waifs and stand for everything from proud-to-be-pregnant to outspoken for human rights. All of these women are strong and have an individual signature style which defines them and sets them apart as truly glamorous.

When you start talking about strong women who are noticed as much for their convictions as for their style you can’t help but mention Angelina Jolie. She seems unscathed by tabloids and prying eyes, but what does move her is injustice. She, and other glamour girls like Halle Berry and Salma Hayek, are redefining the cover girl persona by putting their brains and hearts to work.

Women who have appeared on more magazine covers than they can remember are getting noticed for having more bod and the world is applauding their curves. Julia Roberts, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Jennifer Lopez all boast their size 6 (or more when they were pregnant) figures and refuse to go back to strict dieting.

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So what do these women and their cover girl looks and attitudes mean for you? It means that women are freer than ever before to be themselves, to forge their own path and define beauty in many different ways. Lest you think this is just another “everyone is beautiful in their own way” cop-out; it’s not. Even though that’s the truth. A cover girl is a lot more than a pretty face. It’s convictions. It’s passion. It’s an awareness that there are people in the world who need you. You can find how-to’s for looking better and getting healthier but without a good idea of who you are, it’s still a long road to cover girl.

The cover girl in you takes care of her skin by eating well and caring for your skin by cleansing and moisturizing and choosing makeup that works with your skin type. Nothing you put on your skin, from soap to eyeshadow should dry or cause oily buildup. The cover girl in you takes care of her hair, too.

The same rule applies to shampoo, conditioner and styling products – everything you put on your hair should improve it. If you have to use one product to counter the effects of another, rethink your hair styling routine. A cover girl’s makeup compliments her look and her personality. Whether it’s barely there or dark and sultry, your makeup should flatter you. It shouldn’t be something you hide behind or use to pretend to be someone you’re not. Your teeth say a lot about you. Genetics deals some of us a bad hand, but there are so many products available that can improve your smile, it’s an investment worth making even on a small scale.

Make fashion work for you. Don’t let a certain style dictate how you feel about your body. Take a look at any red carpet event. You won’t see anyone in the same dress or even wearing the same style. Be an individual and choose clothes that compliment the best of your figure. Clothes work for you, not the other way around.

So go and find the cover girl in you. She’s there. She’s confident and happy with who she is. She isn’t afraid to challenge herself to change what she doesn’t like that remains an individual. She’s aware of the world around her, from her backyard to oceans away. She presents herself with poise and beauty that is hers and not a knockoff of another cover girl. She’s in there.  Enjoy her.

How To Look Great On The Slopes

Winter sports can be the perfect way to enjoy the season of snow, with maximum calorie burning as the icing on the cake. However, before you hit the slopes, you should arm yourself with some beauty know-how that will get you through a day of skiing and a night cozying up in the lodge. By properly packing that beauty supply kit, you will be prepared to handle anything the elements throw at you with style and savvy.

Protection for your Skin

Cold temperatures and bright sun can combine to become your skin’s worst enemy – if you are not properly protected of course. The first step in your beauty routine for the slopes should be to apply sunscreen, and not just any sunscreen will do at this altitude. You will need an SPF of at least 25 to properly protect your skin at higher altitudes and you can even find sunscreen products designed to protect you at higher elevations. Don’t forget to take care of your lips and eyes as well, with an SPF in your lip balm, and oversized sunglasses that sport UVA and UVB protection.

Go Light on Makeup

There are not many places for makeup on the slopes unless you count a tinted moisturizer with an SPF. The cold and exercise will put a natural rosy glow on your cheeks, and your eyes will be hidden under large sunglasses during the day. You can also go for a tinted lip balm if you prefer, as long as sun protection is included with the color. However, you will want to stock your makeup bag for cozy nights in the lodge snuggling up with your favorite someone over an Irish coffee. Opt for products that will add moisture to skin that has been exposed to the elements all day to give you a look that is soft and smooth.

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Keep Hair under Control

Nothing looks better on a snow bunny than a long, flowing mane fluttering behind as she whooshes down the slopes. Until that mane becomes tangled or frizzy, that is! Manage your tresses by using a high-quality shampoo and conditioner and applying a bit of hair serum to prevent the frizzies from occurring. It’s a good idea to tie back long hair in a ponytail or a wide headband while skiing so that your hair doesn’t interfere with your line of vision. A warm, funky hat can also solve the hair dilemma when the slopes call.

For the Non-Skier

Today’s ski resorts have to compete with some high-quality spa treatments that can keep skiers off the slopes for beauty boosts galore. It used to be that a massage after a day of skiing was the primary function of the spa experience, but today resort visitors can choose from hot stone massage, a dip in the spa pool or a variety of pampering beauty treatments. Body scrubs, pedicures, and manicures are just a few of the options available to the non-skiers or the outdoor sportswomen who simply want to spend a day relaxing.

Skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing are all great activities that will help you get in shape and burn the post-holiday calories. Prepare well and you will look as good on the slopes as off, for a romantic ski weekend you will never forget.