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How To Make Your Manicure Work In Your Nail’s Best Health

Manicures are seen as one of the simplest, yet most popular indulgences that women (and men) partake in on a regular basis. It’s easy to do this process at home but it goes without saying that it’s not hard to see why so many prefer to spend their money at the local nail salon. Entrusting this service to professionals makes sense but unless people learn how to take proper care of their nails on their own, even pro manicures can fall prey to nail care issues.

Just because a professional nail technician is working on a person’s nails, it doesn’t mean the TLC ends there. Not a lot of people have the funds to have their nails maintained on a weekly basis. This means being responsible for the health of the nails (and fingers) in between appointments. Unfortunately, one of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to their nail health is ignoring certain signs or symptoms of an infection – or worse – not realizing it is an infection in the first place.

Anytime there is redness, discomfort, bleeding or other signs that aren’t normal, get it checked out. Instead of heading to the nail salon to have the technician fix it, play it safe and see the doctor. Having a nail infection might seem minor but if left unchecked and/or not properly treated could lead to much bigger and nastier issues. It doesn’t take much for the nails to become infected. Something as small as a crack in the nail could be enough to start the ball rolling and not in a good way.

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Although manicures can be good for the hands and nails, too much of them can be unhealthy. This is especially true for people with naturally brittle or weak nails who sport acrylic or gel nails. Being too much of a regular at the nail salon doesn’t always mean the health of the nails will be secured. Learn when to take a break and allow for the natural growth and maintenance of the nails. If you just have to wear nail polish, make it a habit to wear a base coat before applying the nail polish itself. Skipping this step means introducing your nails to the chemicals directly, which isn’t good.

Cuticle cutting is another major shortcut (no pun intended) to nail issues. Beauty industry experts now encourage pushing back cuticles instead of using scissors to cut or trim them. This goes for DIY manicures as well as those done professionally. In fact, if the nail salon you go to cuts your cuticles, request they switch to using a cuticle stick to gently push the cuticles back. It only takes one bad cut to open the doors for severe infections and another possible injury to the nail.

Properly moisturizing, keeping cuticles from getting grimy and paying attention to your hands on a daily basis is sometimes all the nail care needed. Once the nails are back in tip-top shape, then it’ll be safe to make an appointment at the nail salon.