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Vaginal Care For Yeast Infection Prevention

Yeast infection can affect our body intermittently. Most of the time, the infection does not cause any harm but the fungus overgrowth can be very uncomfortable. Managing it can be bothersome, which is why it’s better to completely avoid allowing the infection to occur.

Below are some prevention tips you can apply so that you don’t develop a yeast infection. These tips are centered on vaginal care, as this is the most commonly affected area with a yeast infection condition:

1. Use cotton underwear

Synthetic underwear, like those that are made from Lycra or Nylon, is not breathable, thus creating an area that is moist and warm in the vagina. Yeasts love this kind of environment and it can trigger their growth. So, avoid this by wearing cotton underwear, which will help keep that area cool and dry since cotton’s material is absorben.

2. Avoid tight clothing.

There’s a simple reason behind this in that, tight clothing does not allow the moisture to dissipate. If you need to wear one, such as a pantyhose, find a pair that has cotton material in its crotch.

3. Go commando in bed, once in a while.

Wearing no underwear when you sleep at night allows your vagina to stay drier and cooler, which makes it less prone to the development of yeast infection.

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4. Don’t wear damp clothes too long.

As soon as you’re done with swimming or working out, you should immediately shower and change to drier clothes and underwear, for the same reasons as the first three — moisture in the vagina encourages the growth of the fungi.

5. Wash and clean your vaginal area properly.

The rectum could also develop a yeast infection, thus wiping the right way (front to back, not back to front), can prevent the transfer of the fungus into the vaginal area. This is a simple gesture that women actually often overlook.

6. Don’t use feminine hygiene products.

Not a lot of women are aware of how harmful this is. Aside from the fact that it disrupts the vagina’s ph balance, these feminine products have strong perfumes and scents that can really irritate the vagina. Choose non-scented panty liners, sanitary pads, and vaginal wash, if there are any. This also goes for using scented lubricants. Choose instead to go with water-based types.

7. Don’t douche anymore.

The vagina has a natural ph level that can be altered and affected with constant douching, especially with products that are full of chemicals. If its ph level is not healthy, the chances of fighting off an infection are diminished.

By observing these suggestions, it’s easy to keep yeast infection at bay. The important thing to note is that the vagina shouldn’t be made into this prime environment yeast would love to thrive in, especially since treating yeast infection takes as long as two weeks or more, and it can be bothersome.As they always say, prevention is indeed better than cure.Yeast infection prevention is also possible with making a few lifestyle and dietary changes.