“Erica’s upbeat personality makes her classes an enjoyable experience. While they are physically challenging she presents them in an energized, entertaining manner that encourages pushing yourself and having fun.” – Melissa D.

I met Erica when I took her spin class for the first time. Her enthusiasm and energy were contagious! She made a hard workout fly right by with her great attitude and the encouragement she offered each of us. After that first class, I asked Erica to be my personal trainer. We began training together weekly and she pushed me in each workout to test my (self-imposed) limits. She also provided me a wealth of resources to help improve my diet. Erica encouraged me to make sustainable lifestyle changes, which I am still practicing today nearly two years later. Working with her truly changed my understanding of exercise, nutrition and my own strength. She is awesome! – Amy K.


”Erica makes fitness fun! She is always motivating me to push myself harder to achieve results. It seems like every day she is showing me a new exercise. Her workouts are challenging but her bright and bubbly personality makes them fly by. My workouts with Erica are one of the best parts of my day!” – Rae F.

“Through class interaction and Erica’s website my appreciation and understanding of the value of exercise, diet and being physically fit have increased immeasurably. Erica is able to teach a class with varying fitness levels effectively by demonstrating ways to take the exercise up or down depending on a person’s fitness level. She understands how the body responds to exercise, and knows how to achieve results. Erica has made working out fun for us and being supportive from the start, encouraging all not to give up, and helping me modify the exercises so that I could do them. High energy with high results.”
– James B.

All in all I really enjoyed working with Erica. Since I am a trained Life Coach I may have liked a little bit more push back or questions pushed back to me to find my own answers; like the one she asked about how I planned to handle weekends. That is a great coaching question and it makes ME accountable and to come up with my own solutions. I enjoy working with someone and having someone to bounce ideas off of. She was super knowledgeable, thoughtful and full of information. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for help. She has great energy and you can tell she is very passionate about what she does and that is contagious. She has a great blog and fun web-site. – Karen R.